Our fundraising effort formerly known as Pay-To-Play now has a new name: Hava Nagila, הבה נגילה, which means: Let's Rejoice. This name change is in response to a number of members of our Religious School community feeling that the phrase Pay-To-Play has negative connotations, and requesting we rename our fundraising effort. So.... Hava Nagila - Let's Rejoice while supporting our Religious School! While we are changing the name of our fundraising effort, it remains the same concept:  These events are designed to raise funds but more importantly create opportunities for us to get to know each other more deeply and have fun together.

Please note that these events now called Hava Nagila are the only way in which our Religious School fundraises. Your participation as either a host of one of these events or a participant is the way to support our Religious School.

Here are Hava Nagila events that are coming up:

Chinese Dumplings with Julia Abelmann


Date/Time: April 29th at 5:30 in the Social Hall.
Details: Please bring a rolling pin.
Cost: $25 must be paid prior to party to hold your spot
Who: Open to both members and guests

Click here to sign up.

Chinese dumplings are a favorite food not only in China, where they originated, but have won the hearts of people all over the world. How would you like to discover the secrets of this Chinese delicacy from an authentic expert? Learn from Julia, a member of our CBT community, how to make chicken and beef Chinese dumplings from scratch. This adult only evening will include a light dinner, lots of friends and laughter, and you will walk away with a new skill your family and friends are sure to appreciate!

**since there are only 20 slots in each of these classes your commitment now is non-refundable, so mark your calendar and double-check to make sure you available on the above dates. If you realize later you have a conflict you can find a friend to buy your spot from you or we can ask people from the wait-list, but we will not be able to make refunds.



Games2U Truck sponsored by 6th Grade


Date/Time: April 29th 12:15 – 1:45 * Lunch included
Cost: $30 must be paid prior to party to hold your spot
Who: 4th – 7th graders – members only

The game truck can only accommodate 20 children. Please pick your child up promptly at 1:45. We cannot refund any donations but if your child cannot attend, you can find a friend to take his/her space.

To sign up for this event please log to the members only section, go to Event Registration, choose Game Truck Hava Nagila.