A Shabbat of Solidarity

November 2, 2018 / 24 Cheshvan 5779

Dear Friends,

Tonight’s 6:30pm Shabbat service, as always, is our monthly family service.  Congregants and friends with young children are especially encouraged to attend, and B’nai Tikvah being the kind of synagogue it is, the rest of our community is also welcome.

We will also be participating in Solidarity Shabbat, along with our neighboring congregations and too many more to count across the country.  In the wake of last Shabbat morning’s terror attack at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, synagogues taking part in Solidarity Shabbat have committed to one or more of the following: inviting friends and members of the interfaith community to be with us, including a sermon/D’var Torah on this tragedy and its aftermath, or simply opening our doors and hearts – affirming that we will not back down to forces of hatred, bigotry or fear.

Because ours is a service geared for younger congregants, please know that references to the attack will be age appropriate and will not go into upsetting detail.  Rather, we will focus on being there for each other and affirming Judaism’s highest values for all of us.

I hope to see you tonight.  May the coming Shabbat indeed be one that will hold some measure of Shalom… of wholeness, and peace.

Rabbi Rebecca Gutterman