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Sunday, May 22, 2022

5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Round Hill Country Club

Cocktail Attire

This year’s L’Chaim Gala is going to be a can’t-miss event filled with music, laughter, and great food. Join us in celebrating our community coming together and honoring Rabbi Chabon’s chai year at CBT!
The online silent auction is now open! Click here to learn more about how to bid.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Online Silent Auction

The online silent auction is now open! Whether you’re attending the gala or not, a CBT member or a friend of our community, the online auction is now open with exciting and unique items curated with you in mind.

Click here for instructions on how to register for the online silent auction.

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Thank You to Our Gala Team, Lay Leadership, and Staff

Gala Team

  ▪  Keren Smith, Gala Team Lead
  ▪  Rachel Stokol, Gala Team Lead
  ▪  Erika Calabro,  Programming Lead
  ▪  Mike Cohn, Checkout Lead
  ▪  Ellen Duree
  ▪  Aimee Ennik
  ▪  Tammy Fisher
  ▪  Cindy Gershen
  ▪  Holly Grossman, Decorations Co-Lead
  ▪  Marcie Hochhauser, Sign-Up Parties Lead
  ▪  Lindsay Goldberg-Kunis
  ▪  Jenny Michaelson
  ▪  Hagit Miller
  ▪  Thrittima Sherer
  ▪  Jen Silver, Decorations Co-Lead
  ▪  Andrea Slavet, Donations Lead
  ▪  Kathy Weiner
  ▪  Shirley Weiner
  ▪  Zaffy Welch
  ▪  Tami Welch-Robinson
  ▪  Orit Winton, Food and Beverage Lead

Lay Leadership

  ▪  David Ratner, President
  ▪  Lori Siegel, President-Elect
  ▪  Julia Babka-Kurzrock, Secretary
  ▪  John Rubenfeld, Treasurer
  ▪  Judith Barrall, Immediate Past President
  ▪  Joel Guss
  ▪  Jenn Leeds
  ▪  Amy Lerner
  ▪  Idelle Lipman
  ▪  Marcie Hochhauser
  ▪  Tony Lebe

CBT Staff

  ▪  Rabbi Cantor Jennie Chabon
  ▪  Keren Smith, Executive Director
Erika Calabro, Bookkeeper
Tina Eisenman, B’nai Mitzvah Tutor
Kathy Jacobs, Office Specialist
Rachel Stokol, Communications Specialist
Tami Welch-Robinson, Executive Assistant