Tu b’Shvat Seder

Join Elizheva as we learn more about the month of Shvat and celebrate the “birthday of the trees” with food, drink, and stories. We will be doing a Kabbalistic “seder” together.

For your Seder experience you will need to assemble the following:
2 bottles of grape juice or wine– one white and one red or purple.
Fruit* & the “Divine”**
Kiddush Cup
Plate you can use for a seder plate
a glass of water
Cup (a paper cup is perfect) or a planting pot full of dirt from somewhere outside your house– close to your house would be great, but from anywhere is fine (learn more at the seder!)
Paper and pen

*There are three types of Tu b’Shvat fruit: 
1. Fruits that come with a peel or a shell, including citrus, pomegranate, melons, nuts (they don’t have to be in the shell), bananas.
2. Fruits that have an inner pit including olives, dates, apricots, peaches (can be dried), plums.
3. Fruits that one might eat through and through, including grapes or raisins, berries of any kind, apples, pears.

(A few kinds from each of the above (adding up to 15 different edible things)

**Something “divine” to eat– like chocolate or some other sweet delicacy.

Celebrate the  Birthday of the Trees
with Elizheva in nourishing our bodies and souls with a Seder of
tastes, smells, texts, and our own stories.