Social Action Meeting & Multi-faith ACTION Coalition

10:30 am - 12:00 am

Join us in the Sanctuary for a meeting with ACTION. The Multi-faith ACTION Coalition represents Advocates & Communities Taking Initiative for Our Neighbors. Members of congregations in Contra Costa County have come together to be a stronger voice for people who are vulnerable through action. The Actions includes taking a position for or against legislation, testifying before a local elected body or a committee of the California Legislature, meeting with elected officials or asking advocates on the email distribution list to call or write a policy maker. All advocacy is to address the root causes of poverty though policy change.nnWe are really fortunate to have Jasmine Tarkoff and her team from the Temple Isaiah social action committee coming to introduce us to the Multi Faith Action Coalition, which is essentially a broad based organization that they started a few years ago to address poverty and homelessness in contra costa county. They would love to get CBT involved in MFAC, so they are going to hold a house meeting for us to get a sense of our interest and goals as a community and to introduce us to the work they are doing. This will enhance and not replace or take away from the other critical issues that we are addressing as a congregation.n nIf you are interested in hearing about this important work and want to consider participating, please join us at the meeting.