8 Days of Giving

Day 1: Food Justice

December 19

Shop together as a family to buy canned foods to donate and drop off to the Monument Crisis Center bins in front of CBT.

Day 2: Gift of Time

December 20

Give the gift of time to your family today by being present and doing a family activity. If you don’t have family near, reach out by phone or Zoom or connect with your CBT congregational family.

Day 3: Fund a Cause

December 21

Donate to your fund of choice at CBT.

  • Rodef Shalom Security Fund – this fund supports our security and covers the cost of having a dedicated professional guard at every service and religious school session
  • Special Education Fund – this fund provides resources for children with special needs in our community, ensuring an inclusive space for all
  • Rabbi’s Music Fund – this fund supports the musical component in our services and programming that inspire and lift our hearts

Day 4: Support the Needy

December 22
Shop the Amazon Wish list to support White Pony Express.  The White Pony General Store (GS) has distributed 700,000 articles of new or like-new clothing, toys, and books through direct distribution and Pop-Up Boutiques. Click here to support those in need this holiday season.
Remember to purchase through your AmazonSmile account! (Click here to set up AmazonSmile).

Day 5: Community Connections

December 23

Wish a member of CBT Shabbat Shalom and Happy Hanukkah at the Community-Wide Hanukkah Celebration! If you can’t make it in person, reach out joyful Shabbat wishes via phone.

Day 6: Support First Responders

December 24

Bake and drop off holiday baked goods to your local fire and police stations.

Day 7: Light Up with Loved Ones

December 25

Invite friends or family over to light the menorah in person or over Zoom.

Day 8: Pay It Forward

December 28
Pay it forward! Do a gesture for someone you don’t know or a friend that is unexpected. For example, buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.