Tikvah Gala 2024

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There’s no better time to gather in community to celebrate and support our shared Jewish home. This year’s gala theme is Tikvah (or in English: Hope.)

Please Save the Date for Saturday, May 18th.

We can’t wait to capture the flame of our sparkling congregation!

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At CBT, we’re all connected – by beliefs, interests, traditions, studies, rituals, festivities, and friendships that make us all feel like family. Did you know that you can strengthen our shul through connections outside of CBT? The ask is quick and easy: Can one of your connections help to make our Tikvah Gala a success? Read on to pick which connection feels right for you:

Donate wine here.

Donate an Item or Experience to our Live or Silent Auction: click here

  • Consider where you spend money (favorite restaurants, wineries, salons, specialty stores, museums, cinemas, gyms, pet supply stores, camps, after school activities, etc.), and ask for a donation gift card or service. 
  • Perhaps you know a sole proprietor or new business? One donation opens the door to our diverse clientele. 
  • Is travel your thing? Unused airline or hotel miles, or a long weekend away at a vacation home or timeshare make lucrative auction items.
  • Do you have access to a unique experience? Tickets to live entertainment, group tours, VIP access and more are exciting auction offerings. 
  • Got an unused gift card? We’ll take it!
  • Prefer to shop? Whether it’s in person at a mom ‘n pop store or at home online, select something fun for bidding.

* Simply email the completed forms to us (Amanda or Andrea), and our auction donation team can coordinate with you or the donor to pick up physical auction items.

Solicit a Sponsor for our Gala: click here

Vital business sponsorship offsets the many expenses of our biggest fundraiser of the year. Realtors, contractors, financial planners, doctors, interior designers, and tutors all make excellent sponsors who might value the advertising opportunity online, in our program, and also live at our event. 

Donate to our Gala’s Dessert Dash: email Amanda or Andrea

Whether you frequent a favorite bakery or bake as a hobby at home, your fanciest dessert could bring in big dough from one of our gala tables. 

Host a Buy-in Party: email Amanda or Andrea

These parties (big or small) cater to adults, children, or families who contribute by paying their entry. Commune with fellow congregants to choose the theme, set the budget (aka your generous donation), pick the date, and determine the number of guests. Think bbqs, crafts, bike rides, movies, boardgames, whiskey, music, and so much more. The ideas are endless!

Fine Print:

  • Our last day to accept donations is 4/26, and some donations are tax-deductible. (Our Tax ID 501(c): #94-2824039)
  • If you have questions or would like to join the auction team, we want to hear from you. 

It takes everyone’s help to raise critical funds that sustain our unique community, so be bold because everything goes at auction. Thanks for pitching your “INs!”